Schedule a Counseling Appointment and/or Request Prayer


If you would like to experience online counseling, one of our Lighthouse  Counselors is standing by to meet specially tailored needs for any of your specific requests.  

We always remember to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, knowing that all these things shall be added unto us!  (Matthew 6:33).  Our expectation is from Him! (Psalm 62:5).

"...And the government shall rest upon His shoulders.  And He shall be called Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor..."  Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor and the wisdom found in the laps of our Bibles is majestically often just what we need! And we know that God has given some the gift of the word of wisdom and counsel in matterseven the kings had counselors! The LORD bless you and keep you; and make His face to shine upon you as you seek His perfect counsel through the written word foundin the scriptures.