The Dream Catcher.

Dreams are Biblical.  Dreams shouldnt be dismissed as non-relevant night experiences.  If there is a prophet among you, God speaks to him or her through visions and dreams in dark time-frames (Numbers 12:6).  Daniel was a dream catcher who confidently possessed the noteworthy gift of  dreamatic interpretationsa most desirable gift which God offers to us.  Though the Word of the Lord found on the pages of Genesis through Revelation is a bronzed-hammer that breaks boulders in pieces (Jeremiah 23:29), dreams are nothing to be taken lightly.

Daniel 2 Remastered.mp3

Handfuls of Purpose (Ruth 1-2).

Staying preoccupied with the Masters business causes us to remain under cascading floods where heavenly blessings come out; in the place where our Kinsmen Redeemer can bear us on eagles wings and keep us safe in the shadow of the Almighty.  Nothing happens by chance.  Ruth found herself in a pivotol place and life changing crossroads, all by simply being busy with the masters work and joyfully receiving gifts from the one who would elevate her to legendary fame in Israel (Ruth 4:11); a message we can all glean from.  

Ruth Remastered 1-2 .mp3

We've Spoken Openly.

Glossing over some of the most profound text this world has to offer, Paul reiterates righteous rules and profound precepts from our Heavenly Correspondence consisting of a plethora of ideologies which can readily be followed in order to be pleasing to God on our journey towards eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

2nd Corinthians 6.11-18 Remastered.mp3

Even the kings had counselors.

Biblical-advice in Real Time, Lighthouse Counselors are readily available to declare wise counsel - for by wise counsel a war is waged.  And in the multitude of counselors there is....
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